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Добро пожаловать в Грузию.

Georgia has more to offer than any other country of its size in the world, so what is it like to visit?
It is a land of contrasts at the crossroads of East and West. For thousands of years traders and adventurers have visited via the historic Silk Road, today their legacy remains in the culture, sounds and monuments, including many UNESCO heritage sites.
From the architecture of Tbilisi’s Old Town to the vineyards of Kakheti; from the ancient stone towers of Svaneti to the beaches and nightlife of Batumi, there is something inspiring and exiting for everyone.
Ski the Caucasus mountains, Europe’s highest mountain range, in the morning and relax at the Black Sea coast in the afternoon. Sample the delicious Georgian cuisine and wine at a traditional supra (or feast) one day, detox in our natural saunas and spas the next.
Georgia has a unique, welcoming culture which explains its world- famous hospitality. With its own alphabet and language, and many world–famous artists, Georgia will surprise and delight you at every turn.
Whatever it is you want from a holiday, come to Georgia:
For the best moments of your life .


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