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Добро пожаловать в Узбекистан

Uzbekistan, is pearl of Central Asia, is located at the heart of the region, and borders on five states. Many centuries ago, The Great Silk Road passed through this area, and today under new conditions Uzbekistan has again become a key segment of a renewed highway joining countries of east, west, north and south Eurasia.
  The territory of the country, about 447,400 sq km, is a marvelous combination of colours, from the white snow peaks of Chimgan to the red sands of Kizilkum.  The landscape of Uzbekistan is generally divided into three types: the mountains and foothills of the east and south-east, the deserts and semi-deserts of the west, and the flatlands in the south-west and north-west. The distinctive feature of the climate is the abundance of warm sunshine and the high intensity of sunlight throughout the year.
  More than 27 million people live in Uzbekistan. The density of the population is 58.1 people per sq km. Due to the specific natural conditions, the inhabitants of the country are concentrated mainly in the oases. Some regions, especially Andijan province, take the lead over many countries on population density index. 
  Peace and harmony are the main characteristics of our multinational population which comprises more than 130 different nationalities.
   The declaration of state independence on 31st August, 1991 by I.A. Karimov, was an important milestone in the modern history of the country. Today, the Republic of Uzbekistan consists of 12 provinces and the Republic of Karakalpakstan.


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