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Tajikistan mountains 8 days


Day 1 Tashkent - Khujand - Panjikent

Meeting at Uzbek - Tajik border Oybek.

Departure to Khujand and lunch.

Departure to Penjikent.

Dinner and accommodation.

Home stay in Penjikent


Day 2 Penjikent

Breakfast in the home stay

Sightseeing in Penjikent.

Lunch and departure to the Marghuzor Lakes

Dinner and night in tents by the Seventh

Lake "Hazor Chashma".

Tents - two person per tent


Day 3 Tavasang Pass


Trekking over Tavasang pass (3300m).


Descend to the Sarimat stream.

Dinner and night in tents.

Tents - two person per tent


Day 4 Tavasang Pass


Ascend to the Obi Safed stream.

Then trekking over the Tovasang pass (3500m).

Descend and picnic.

Descend to Pushtikul lake

Dinner and night in tents by the Archamaidon river.

Tents - two person per tent


Day 5 Ghazza - Ghuitan


Trekking along the Archamaidon River to the nutree garden

in Ghazza and to the village Ghuitan.


Overnight at a private house in the village.

Home stay


Day 6 Ghuitan pass - Artuch camp


Climbing up the Ghuitan pass (2600m).

Trekking traverse to the Chukurak Lakes,


Sightseeing of the lakes.

Descend to the Artuch camp.

Dinner and overnight in the camp.   


Day 7 Chukurak pass


Trekking to the Kuli Kalon Lakes over the Chukurak pass (3200m),

Then descend to the Kuli Kalon Lakes.

Picnic and sightseeing of the Kuli Kalon lakes.

Then descend to the Artuch camp.


Overnight in the camp.    


Day 8 Khujand - Tashkent


Departure to Khujand.


Departure to the Tajik - Uzbek border Buston (Oybek)

Transfer to tashkent



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